A bit of history

I’ve worked in the imaging industry for over 30 years. Back in the ‘film’ days, I was an engineer installing and looking after equipment in the big processing laboratories. Later I moved into management but always travelling with camera in hand. Later, when the big labs were replaced by the one hour processing labs, I moved into serving those. Eventually setting up and running a plastics plant manufacturing film sleeving for the one-hour labs. In recent years, I set up and now manage Just Ltd, a photographic accessory distributor. Of course these days most products are geared to the digital photographer.

I’ve always been a keen photographer, shooting with Canon SLR’s in the film days. When the digital SLR arrived, I switched to a Fuji DSLR with Nikon lenses. My Fuji’s have now been replaced with Nikon DSLR’s which provide superb image quality and performance.

I’m out and about with my cameras as much as possible. Some of my better shots are available for sale at alamy .com. I’m still learning though…that’s the great thing about photography.